About Us

Gearnet Kenya – is one of the leading suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment, industrial laundry machines, refrigeration system, kitchen stainless steel fabrication, stainless steel handrails fabrication, sales of spare parts, repair, service and maintenance of the same machines in (East Africa) Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zanzibar, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Congo.

Our services are tailor made to provide a solution for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals, lodge camps and large institutions.In addition to providing service/products, we offer a number of technical services to customers from time to time to ensure proper corrective measures in all maintenance cases.

The company is currently involved in the following areas:
1.Sales,repair and maintenance of Industrial / Commercial Laundry Machines.
2.Sales of commercial kitchen equipment.
3.Repair and maintenance of kitchen equipment.
4.Fabrication of kitchen stainless steel equipment.
5. Refrigeration and cold rooms.
6.Stainless Steel Fabrications