Food Service Planning

At GEARNET KENYA LTD , we believe that a well-maintained and well-kept business environment is a requirement to achieve optimum productivity and profitability, especially if you are in the food services business. When you are struggling to reduce operational costs of your business but want to improve the bottomline, that’s where we can help . Since inception, we  have been assisting   some  businesses involving food services, including hotels, restaurants, educational institutes. Our food service  consultants take care of various aspects of your operations, so that you can stay focused on your core business.
What We Do

Our design team’s expertise is  ably supported by a strong technical team to provide every technical input necessary to ensure timely coordination of every project. Our design consultants are skilled to enhance client intentions with  innovative and creative designs and in-depth technical expertise. Our service commitments are to assist in space saving and management solutions, advanced planning and design, equipment  identification , supply  , installation   ,product testing and commissioning of the project   . As your food service planning partner, we help ensure your service delivery model is strategically aligned with the requirements of your business. Here’s an overview of what we can do for you:


Planning and Implementation

Our team identify the improvement areas in your existing business process and come up with strategies to optimize service delivery and improve the bottomline.

Training and Development

We organize training and team development sessions on food service management to help your staff understand and follow the prerequisites for a well-oiled business environment.

Laundry Planning & Design

Gearnet Kenya Ltd , a trusted laundry planning consultant, offers comprehensive consulting and planning services, covering planning, design, construction, operation, and staff training, for hotels,resorts , Hospitals , Schools , Colleges , Universities ,corporates staff training center and convectional cum hotels and   laundry businesses. We also assist our clients in expanding their operations by analyzing their requirements and finding custom solutions that are precisely aligned with their needs . Our years of experience helps us in offering market-driven  solutions to our clients.Laundry Planning Cornerstones

  • Analysis
  • Facility Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Supplying the quality and cost effective machines .

What We Do

Gearnet Kenya helps clients in setting up and streamlining laundry operations. We analyze the location, laundry room design and layout, ascertain utility requirements, and help calculate the cash flow needed to support operations, while finding the right debt service or maximizing their revenue. We help our customers in reducing laundry cost by focusing on certain factors, such as:

  • Advice on type of linen in terms of texture content and Reviewing linen program
  • Checking inventory procedures and ordering patterns
  • Evaluating chemical program and related formulas
  • Checking of equipment capabilities and laundry procedures
  • Measuring linen selection procedures according to blends, size, and weight
  • Reviewing of employees’ skills and their efficiency to ascertain the productivity
  • Training employees in equipment operation

Commercial Kitchen Planning & Design

Ready to set up your your hotel or restaurant kitchen, but not sure where to start? We, at GEARNET KENYA LT , can help. We understand that every foodservice establishment is unique and operates differently from others. Aligned with the understanding and equipped with years of  experience in kitchen planning & consulting, our team of commercial kitchen consultants can help you set up a customized commercial kitchen that meets the required standards of efficiency, quality and compliance. Our team of experienced kitchen consultants have an in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in the food services industry and hospitality  operation  and are abreast with the latest developments in the field, which helps us ensure you get nothing but the best result that is perfectly aligned with your needs.

How We Do It

Creating a successful commercial kitchen design layout involves blending solid design principles and individual kitchen components in an effective manner, both in terms of operations as well as costing. Planning the layout and design of the kitchen in accordance with the latest food service concepts, including commissary, Hot cooking area , Preparatio area , bakery & confectionary, finishing kitchens, cold kitchens and service bars, determining the specific requirement of cold storage, dishwashing, vertical and horizontal service movements is our forte.

We follow a collaborative approach to deliver end-to-end solution  kitchen plans for hotels resorts , hospitals , convention centere cum hotels ,camp lodges , food court  schools &universities , corporates and institutional dinning facilities ,restaurants and other businesses involving food services. Right from conceptualizing the kitchen layout planning and consulting to setting up a Seamless-managed kitchen setup, we do everything for our clients that comes under the ambit of kitchen planning and consultancy. Here is how we go about planning a commercial kitchen setup for our clients:

  • Assessing the client’s needs
  • Conceptualizing the kitchen layout
  • Considering drainage and Ducting system
  • Considering Lightning Options
  • Choosing kitchen materials and Equipment
  • Supply , installation ,test and commissioning of the project
  • After Sales Service to the equipment we supply .

Why work with us

Over the years,Gearnet Kenya has become the preferred choice of those looking for tailored made commercial kitchen design solutions for their food service business:

  • Customized Kitchen Solutions
  • Result-Oriented
  • Quality Conscious
  • Abreast with Latest Developments
  • Cost Effective