2STX Stacker Series

In just one square meter the possibility of having two independent dryers of 16 or 11 kg.

SQ Tumble Dryers

The SQ dryers are innovative closed circuit dryers in which the air used in the drying process is not discharged outside but is recovered thanks to a refrigeration unit working with Freon R407C.
It is no longer necessary to have a duct for external evacuation of the drying process vapors and fumes. Moreover, the reduction of energy consumption is extremely high. ITALCLEAN SQ dryers are the best solution if there is no possibility for evacuating the air outside of the premises because of high costs, need for special permissions or construction problems.

Tumble Dryers

The line of Italclean tumble driers is the right complement for your laundry needs. Fast, powerful, efficient, fully programmable. ITALCLEAN driers combine high technology with versatility and user-friendliness.