Barrier Washer Extractors

The ITALCLEAN barrier washer extractors meet the demands of hospital and clinics, where the separation of clean and dirty items can prevent the risk of contamination by pathogens.
The BM series has 2 Main Capacities : 35 KG and 70 KG
– Conformity with all latest health regulations
– Touch Screen Programmable Microprocessor (52 different programs)
– Two Extra-large (Clean Side and Soiled Side) loading doors for easy loading and unloading. Door safety blockage : doors cannot be opened while program is running and cannot be opened at the same time to avoid any contamination.
– Automatic drum positioning system with positioning block: before the user can open the loading door, the drum is automatically positioned to reduce risks of contamination.

Calendar Pro

The new Italclean ironing drying machines have been built in order to meet the requirements of those customers who need to use their time in a profitable and efficient way. The calanders of the Italclean ironing division are the answer to the ever growing requirements for a machine which is able to assure high productivity and low operating costs at the same time, saving the available space in the workroom because of its small size. The machine is equipped with a new fixed plate which has a semi-cylindrical shape and is internally heated by gas burners, electric heating elements or a steam coil according to requirements. The conveyor belts used to make the laundry run in a perfect way over the outside surface of the machine are made of nomex of excellent quality and resistant to high temperatures.

Mangani Pro

The ironing rollers of the Italclean range are machines for ironing bed sheets and cloths. They are equipped with a wide range of innovations and safety devices:
– Automatic finger guard
– 24 Volts controls low voltage
– Emergency stop switch
– Electronic thermoregulation
– Reduced dimensions to save space
– High ironing pressure
– Frontal linen return
– Minimum maintenance
– Available with steam suction system (Standard on 1400-1600-2000mm models)

2STX Stacker Series

In just one square meter the possibility of having two independent dryers of 16 or 11 kg.

SQ Tumble Dryers

The SQ dryers are innovative closed circuit dryers in which the air used in the drying process is not discharged outside but is recovered thanks to a refrigeration unit working with Freon R407C.
It is no longer necessary to have a duct for external evacuation of the drying process vapors and fumes. Moreover, the reduction of energy consumption is extremely high. ITALCLEAN SQ dryers are the best solution if there is no possibility for evacuating the air outside of the premises because of high costs, need for special permissions or construction problems.

Tumble Dryers

The line of Italclean tumble driers is the right complement for your laundry needs. Fast, powerful, efficient, fully programmable. ITALCLEAN driers combine high technology with versatility and user-friendliness.

STX2 Series

The STX2 series machines combine a S Series dryer and a AV Series washer. Customized design, easy use, extra-large loading door, high efficiency and lower consumption are just a few features of this innovative series of machines.

WP Series

The new washer extractors of the WP series are designed to be flexible, simple to use, and equipped with advanced technology for better performance.

WL Series

The new and advanced models of the WL range represent the best compromise between the traditional solidity and duration of our machines and the introduction of the most efficient computer technologies for the textile care industry.

AV Series

The high-speed machines of the AV Series are very high performances washers, enhanced by the active suspension and self-balancing system.
They are equipped with an ultimate generation touch screen computer with LCD display, which allows :
– To create / modify programs in a simple and intuitive way
– To control temperatures and water levels according to the fabrics that must be washed
– To quickly transfer data thanks to the micro sim support.