Mandera County Referral Hospital

Gearnet Kenya was sub-contracted to supply stainless steel fabricated medical equipment(s).We fabricated and supplied 2pieces of stainless steel sluice hoper with sink, double bowl sink, plaster sink, floor standing urinal trough and surgical scrubber.

Elwak Sub-County Hospital

On this project we were sub-contracted to fabricate and supply stainless steel medical equipment, which we delivered 4 pieces of sluice hoper with sinks.

Dollow Hospital –Gedo region

Gearnet Kenya fabricated and supplied stainless steel sluice hoper with sink and double bowl sink.

Kisumu specialist Hospital

Gearnet Kenya was appointed to supply steam generated hand ironer to the hospital.

Meru Doctors Plaza Hospital

Gearnet Kenya was engaged in fabrication and supply of 6burner cooking range 6pieces of stainless steel sluice hoper with sink, double bowl sink for the area and labour ward.

Heavenly Food Restaurant

Gearnet Kenya was appointed to supply and furnish the restaurant with equipment. We supply main kitchen (stainless steel cooking island with 4burner low pressure and 2burner high pressure, char grill, infill worktop,3double well fryer, chips dump, stainless steel hood extractor complete with grease filter. 2 undercounted fridges, one upright double door freezer, the biggest pizza oven in Nairobi, stainless steel table, sinks,4tier racks, coffee machine, coffee grinder, milk shake.)

Ibis Hotel

Gearnet Kenya supplied stainless steel tables for main kitchen, staff kitchen and also supplied laundry spotting tables and laundry soaking sink.

Budazz Restaurant

We supplied, installed and commissioned 6burner cooking range wall type with fryer, hot plate 1/2smooth and grooved and chips dump.


Gearnet Kenya was engaged to fabricate and supply 4burner electric cooking range that can cater for the 400mission solders in the camp.

German School Nairobi

Gearnet Kenya was appointed by the school to furnish the new school with canteen kitchen with equipment for main kitchen, extraction and stainless steel fabrication.